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Welcome to Church Venture!

We are a community of folks who simply want to Love God and Love People. We highly value authenticity and we make a point not to be too churchy.

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Groups at CV are low risk opportunities where you will find high rewards. Normal folks having fun when they get together to eat, play, or serve are the best groups…because they are normal! Groups are never a bait and switch such as a Super Bowl Party where you are expected to bare your soul…that’s not normal! Find a group, hang out, meet some friends, grab some good eats. There are groups that go a bit deeper and involve reading the Bible together but that’s known upfront. Take a small risk, put yourself out there, make a connection…we are willing to bet you’ll enjoy a Group at CV!


Women of

Women's Social group

This women’s group meets once every other month on a social basis. They have met at The Monkey Bar, at the church to paint coffee mugs, at a home to create quality jewelry, etc. When do they meet next? Email Debra Rankin to find out!


Fireside Men's Group

Year Round Men's Group

This four season group meets all year long around a bon-fire while eating something from the grill or a gourmet grilled cheese sandwich while drinking adult beverages! To find out when this group meets next zap Jimmy Clark an email


Study Groups

Groups pop up all the time

Some around Bible Study, or a video series while other groups form around anything from Mom’s getting together or even a seasonal group studying a topic around Christmas or Easter. Want to know when the next group is gathering, email Kerry Thrush


About Church Venture

“Creating fun experiences for real people who are inspired
and learning to love like Jesus.”

To love is risky. To love like Jesus loved is risky and ambitious!
At Church Venture we strive for nothing less.



Worship Service held every Sunday 10:00am at 3187 Western Row Rd in Maineville, Ohio.  Map and more >>


We believe that God is three in one…God the Father, God the Son (Jesus Christ) and God the Holy Spirit. Jesus is God…100% human and 100% God. This is incredibly difficult to wrap our heads around but we know this is how God wants to connect with us…through Jesus. Jesus lived among people, died for the forgiveness of our sins and lives today as our pathway to be reconnected to an over the top loving God.  There's more, read on >>


Finding a church home is not easy!  I would love to pass along some ideas that might help you in your search for a new church home. As an extra bonus I’m going to give you the inside scoop to help you find your way here at Church Venture!  Read More >>


We have an amazing staff or caring and passionate people. Kerry Thrush is our Lead Pastor, an ordained pastor for over 20+ years. Our Worship Leader, Corey Tucker, sure keeps us on our feet with soulful music to get our week started.  Read More about our amazing people >>


Church Venture is a place I can be me. I've never felt at home in a church until I first stepped into Church Venture. Sunday's are something I truly look forward to each week. 

August 2018    /   Sara Fields


It’s always a risk to follow Jesus…that’s why we Venture together. Take the plunge and come check us out. 


Get Involved

Any church ought to help people get their SERVE on!

CV will help you stretch!
CV will guide and teach!
CV will challenge!

Are you willing to accept this challenge?
Life change is around the corner!


How do real people find God’s direction for their life?

  1. Read God’s word
  2. Hang around others who are Venturing after God
  3. Listen for God’s voice…
  4. Open yourself to God, “Here I am Lord, send me!”
  5. Don’t wait for the ‘perfect’ opportunity…get in there and mix it up and serve!
  6. God will give you a direction!

Volunteer opportunities

So you have decided to volunteer at Church Venture! We know making this decision can be scary, however, we make it super easy to make your gift of time productive, rewarding and fun! We believe in helping you find your right place to serve. You are never married to a specific ministry and free to try anyone that sparks your interest!

Make a Donation

Church Venture is completely self supporting.  100% of your giving supports our ministry and mission; inviting others to experience God in worship, grow in faith and serve in the community.