Why is serving others a high priority at Church Venture?

To follow Christ is to do what Jesus did and mimic who he was while he was on earth. Therefore we are constantly looking for ways to show others God’s love in practical ways. Bringing back empty garbage cans for a neighbor, holding a door open for a family dragging a stroller and 3 kids, church mission trips, collecting clothes or food, helping the homeless, the list goes on and on. At Church Venture we will put our faith into action…we can’t sit on our thumbs…we gotta serve!



Did you know that in Warren County, children 17 and under comprise more than half of the homeless population?  We are committed to real change for the lives of those in need.  Through our partnership with Interfaith Hospitality Network of Warren County (IHN) we help to provide hospitality and support for homeless families while they seek to build a better life.  What's the end goal? Self sustainability for families in need.  

There are opportunities to serve with your family, with a group from your work or your neighborhood, or as a whole church.  To learn more about IHN, check out their website.  To learn more about how you can plug in, contact Andrea Mullins.

Church Venture IHN Calendar:

Sat. April 25 - Heaven & Hearth Day
Sat. May 30 - Church Venture picnic at IHN
June - Collection for Christmas in July
Sun. July 26 - Christmas in July
Sept. TBA - Church Venture picnic at IHN
Week of Oct. 11 - IHN Supporting Congregation
December - Item collection/supporting families


Serve at Church Venture

What gets you going in the morning...what puts a spring in your step?  We want to help you to get connected at Church Venture in a big way, and the way that is perfect for you!  Whether  your passion is Children, Students, Groups, Worship, Music, Arts, Technology or Hospitality, there is a place for you to plug in.  Our teams offer training, friendship and all kinds of opportunity to grow in your faith while helping others to do the same!