Everyone needs prayer…… Whether it’s big or whether it’s small, no one needs to be going through difficult times alone! The power of prayer is amazing and we have seen how God works through prayer! There’s no better feeling than that of feeling loved and knowing you (or someone you love and care about) are being prayed for! How can we be praying for you?

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Please note: that unless this request is marked confidential it will be shared with the prayer team as well as Pastor Kerry and will be mentioned in the weekly church newsletter under a prayer section.

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**This week's prayer requests**

Erin Smith-prayers for my friend Michelle, her husband (Jerry) is having open heart surgery after suffering a heart attack last week.

Kerry Thrush-prayers for open eyes and boldness as we consider who to invite to Church Venture.

Kerry Thrush-prayers of peace for people who are really going through it right now.

Church Venture-prayers for continued ministry and bringing new people to Christ.

Church Venture-prayers for financial stability and financial partnerships.

  • If you need prayer or know of someone else needing prayer, we would LOVE to pray with you!  You can email your request to our prayer team

  • If YOU are interested in joining the prayer team and helping us build community through prayer, you can message our prayer team leader, Erin Smith