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On Sunday mornings, kids begin in worship with their families for music, prayer and an introduction into the theme of the day.  After music, children are dismissed to their Kid Venture classes:

Kid Venture is alive and active with children ages newborn through 5th grade enjoying weekly Sunday morning activities and Church Venture gatherings. We place a high priority on families growing together in their faith!

Nursery (newborn to 3)
Preschool (age 4 - 5)
Grades K - 1
Grades 2 - 3
Grades 4 - 5

With Kid Venture, through the video based Orange Curriculum, kids learn about God and his love for each of us!

Kid Venture Fall Scoop!

Here’s everything you need to know this Fall when you bring your kids to Church Venture! 

Nursery: New Borns – 3 Years Old
Our Nursery is located in the far right corner of the Gathering Area and is a very LARGE and colorful space.  We have a consistent childcare provider and an intentionally welcoming and clean space!

  • When you arrive please bring your diaper bag and child to the Nursery.
  • You can drop off your child before or even during worship!
  • Ashton Limpert is our professional childcare provider who serves most every Sunday and does an outstanding job!
  • Please promptly pick up your child after worship.   

Kid Venture: Ages 4 Years Old – 5th Grade
Our #1 goal is to partner with parents in helping kids develop a faith in God that will last forever.  We enjoy making Church Venture a place Kids want to be and an experience that makes them want to come back!

We offer experiences for two different age groups: 
Preschool – 1st Grade Kids: This crew gathers in the room to the right of the worship space.
2nd Grade – 5th Grade: This group gathers in the Blue Room nearest the Café.

Here’s what you need to know!

  • When you arrive you and your kids can grab some sweet eats and drinks at the Café
  • Your whole family is invited to worship together in big church
  • After the singing ends all the kids will be invited to attend Kid Venture. The Kid Venture Volunteers will gather the kids at the door before leaving the worship space.
  • We use the Orange Curriculum, which is created by the Rethink group in Atlanta  
  • Our Kid Venture Adult Volunteers are dedicated and caring…they LOVE Kids! 
  • Please promptly pick up your child after worship.   

If you have any questions about Kid Venture we’d love to hear them. We would also love to know the scoop about your kids and family! Please complete and zap the questions below or ask your questions and zap them to our Kid Venture Leadership Team.

Heather Chaney
Arlene Swihart
Betsy Thrush 
Ann Overturf  




Students in grades 6 though 12 gather every other week at 4 PM on Sunday afternoons. We had 20 youth attend our Summer Mission trip to North Carolina during the summer of 2018 to do home repair. Our Next Gen ministry includes students from multiple school districts: Kings, Little Miami, Mason, Lebanon, CHCA, and Loveland school districts. Ann Overturf is the adult leader of this group and always has creative opportunities on the horizon! Drop her an email to learn more