I'm New

Finding a church home is not easy! A few years ago my family and I were in this very search and found it extremely frustrating. We attended worship experiences that were a poor fit, we received phone calls from churches we did not want to talk to, and we were pressured to fill out those dreaded Connection Cards. I would love to pass along some ideas that might help you in your search for a new church home. As an extra bonus I’m going to give you the inside scoop to help you find your way here at Church Venture!


Ideas for how to find a Church Home

1. Figure out what your priorities are?

What are you looking for in a church? Once you have a clear understanding of what you want then you will know what clues to look for when researching any church

Here at Church Venture you will find…

Fantastic Worship Experience

High Priority on Next Generation Ministries: Kids & Youth

Strong Commitment to Service

Women in every aspect of leadership

Baptisms are accepted from any church

2. Talk to your friends.

Your friends are the people you want to go to church with! What opinions do they have about the church they attend. 

3. Are they like me?

When you ‘check out’ a worship experience the first question you should ask (even before you make it inside the church) ought to be, “Are these people like me?” That’s a sure fire way to find out if you fit at that church. 

Tips (Inside Scoop) for checking out Church Venture

If I were someone who was considering Church Venture…this is what I would do!

1. Check out the website & the Facebook page

Get a feel for CV, what’s the culture, what is communicated the most. You ought to find the values of our church even before you show up! I’d also get opt in on weekly email updates so you are clued in on what is going on. Scroll to bottom of page to signup!

2. Attend a worship experience…but remain anonymous!

Feel free to kick the tires on a Sunday morning at 10 AM…and don’t feel any pressure to fill out a Connection Card if you don’t want to. I would for sure want to meet the pastor…come find out if I’m normal. I would walk into the facility and find out if the people were friendly, are they like me; is this style of church something that fits?

3. Plug-in one toe at a time.

If I thought that Church Venture passed the first two tests (online & in person) then I’d find one really safe event to attend. Is there a crew going to a Reds game, is there a cook out related to one of the Sunday morning Kid Venture Classes, maybe there is a simple serving opportunity you can step into? See how it feels

4. Once you feel comfortable – Contact me!

Once you feel that Church Venture is the church for you then please contact me, I’d love to talk with you and learn more about who you are and what you are looking for! Simply drop me an email by clicking here.