Family Coach Approval Process

Steps to become an Approved Family Coach: 

  • Complete the Training
    Training is a combination of online and classroom instruction. 
    Please sign and submit the "Training Completion" document.

  • Sign the Corporal Punishment document
    Sign the Corporal Punishment document (be sure to get a witness)
    Turn in after training, or mail it to our PO Box (Coalition of Care PO Box 42693, Cincinnati OH 45242), or scan it to 

  • Get fingerprint/background checks
    Recommend to do this early.  Sometimes the results take weeks or months!
    See the "Fingerprint/Background Report" document for details.

  • Submit References 
    Three (3) references are required for each head-of-household, in any  combination of individual or married Please include one pastoral reference (e.g. a pastor or spiritual leader regarding your faith in Jesus); one professional reference (e.g. a supervisor where you work or volunteer); and one personal reference (a friend who knows you well and for long period of time).  See appropriate Reference documents.                   

  • Submit Ohio Child Abuse Registry
    Begin ASAP, as results take several months to return.
    See the "Child Abuse and Neglect Registry" document  

  • Driver's Documentation
    Copy of Driver's License
    Copy of Automobile Insurance
    Copy of BMV Driving Record. See "BMV Instructions" for details.

Please feel free to contact us at any time for questions or guidance.  or 513.587.1945