Church Venture Event Setup & Scheduling Procedures

Do you want to share your love for Church Venture with more people? Will your event help spark this? 
Do you want people to know about your event? Do you want your event to gain some momentum?
Can you put a little extra time, organization and energy into your event to help accomplish all of the above?  

1. Confirm date and event with Kerry and request to add to official CHURCH VENTURE CALENDAR

2. If you would like your event marketed via website, newsletter and/or social media, send an email with full Event details to Angela ( or complete online form (scroll down)

Email should include:

- Event name
- Event date
- Event time (need start and end time if necessary)
- Event location
- Event description
- Event key contact information (if necessary)


  • Do not expect Kerry or Corey to send anything marketing related to Angela, she will expect this directly from the person in charge of event

  • 3 weeks to 1 month prior to event is key time to market and give Angela time to prep any graphics or pages necessary

  • If the above info is not received 3 weeks (21 days) prior to event, event may not be marketed

3. If event is cancelled or moved or in any way changed..

  1. Confirm with Kerry/Corey and have changed or deleted from calendar

  2. Send email to Angela ( with appropriate changes

Event Marketing Submission

This form is not required, if you would rather send an email, please include all this info and send to

Name *
Accept Text Messages
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Event Date
Event Date
Full address with zipcode
Event Start Time
Event Start Time
Event End Time
Event End Time
If you do not want your email or phone displayed for the public, do not provide that information