Current 6th & 7th Grade Students!!

Please pray for the 6th and 7th students who will be involved in this year’s Confirmation Experience?

Over the next 6 weeks these young women and men will be on nothing less than a journey. They will be investigating what it means to take ownership of their faith in Jesus Christ: What do you believe? Who does God say you are? How can you ‘know’ Jesus Christ? Are you willing to accept Grace and reflect God’s Love? Do you want to be a Christ Follower!?

What can you do? Your prayers and support are incredibly important for these students. Knowing their church family is rooting them on, writing encouraging notes, and faithfully praying for them is valuable beyond measure!

A roster of those going through this experience will be made available when those participating becomes ‘confirmed’!!

Confirmation Sunday, when commitments will be made and baptisms will happen will be Sunday March 3rd. Giddy Up!!


You won’t want to miss this Sunday, March 3rd! We have 8 young men and ladies who will be Confirming their Faith and making commitments to be Christ Followers! Each one will be Baptized or remember their infant Baptisms. Please be praying for these students and make plans to be at Church Venture this Sunday to show your support.

Airy Isham Jackson Rankin Elle Thrush 

Ocean Isham Zane Sawyer Gabe Urlage

Azura Rawlinson Carter Smith