Financial Commitment 2019

Please consider your financial commitment to Church Venture and return this form to John Hise or Mary Chin on or before November 11.

  1. Bring your completed form to Church Venture

  2. Email your completed form to either:
    John Hise or Mary Chin

  3. Fill out our online Commitment form below
    (only John Hise and Mary Chin will receive these submissions)

We cannot thank you enough for your financial support of Church Venture. As we become a more and more healthy church we will grow in numbers as well as finances. This will take a commitment from all of us to help Church Venture continue to be the church God wants us to become!

download/PRINT FORM here
or fill out online form below


Please return to Church Venture by Sunday November 11
Place in collection basket in worship, in the mailbox in the Gathering Area,
or mail to Church Venture, PO Box 196, Maineville, OH 45039

In support of the challenge for our next year and in thanksgiving to God, I / We make the following commitment for 2019:

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Mailing Address
Mailing Address

Your pledge and giving are confidential.  If circumstances require that you make a change, contact John Hise, or Mary Chin,