Baptism is very simple…and at the same time the solemn act of baptism and the commitment people make to God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son and to the Holy Spirit is anything but simple!

Baptism marks two things…

  1. Baptism simply says out loud and in public, “God loves this person!”

  2. At the same time Baptism affords the one being baptized the opportunity to make a public commitment of love and life to God the Father who made them, God in Jesus Christ who forgave them, and God in the Holy Spirit who sustains them!

It’s as simple as God Loves You…and You Love God!

It’s as complicated as committing yourself to a life time of growth and love in a grace filled relationship with the one who created the world, knitted you into existence, and who strengthens us today! 

Baptism and Holy Communion are the two recognized sacraments in all Protestant Churches (Catholic Churches recognize 7 sacraments including marriage, last rites, and first communion just to name a few). At Church Venture we view and experience both Holy Communion and Baptism as sacraments that serve simply as means to help us become closer to Jesus Christ.

If you arrive at Church Venture having already been baptized in another church we recognize that baptism as valid! We offer infant baptism as well as adult baptism.

When we baptize an infant at Church Venture: 

  • We recognize God’s claim on our lives no matter our age.

  • We recognize the intent of the parent or guardian of that infant to raise their infant to become a Christ Follower. 

  • We recognize that the parent or guardian promises to guide the infant when they become of age (usually 12 years old) to make a decision for themselves about becoming a Christ Follower.

  • We recognize our congregation’s responsibility to help raise this child to be come a Christ Follower.

When we baptize an adult into the Christian Faith at Church Venture:

  • We recognize God’s claim on our lives no matter our age.

  • We recognize the adults willingness to trust their lives in Jesus Christ

  • We also recognize the adult’s choice to turn to God and claim God’s love, grace and forgiveness in their lives.

If you would like to baptize your infant or explore baptism yourself please contact Pastor Kerry Thrush